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StappOne USA is ready to change the world. Don’t just take or word for it, please watch this video featuring Dr. Kenneth Kemp as he explains his experience with our technology.

For several therapeutic categories, Stappone Smart Insoles gait analysis data will have the same level of adoption in the near future, such as x-rays, MRIs, and plaster casts.  Our smart insoles mean medical professionals can improve the quality of human movement, accelerate rehabilitation, and unlock the health secrets that neither the naked eye nor video can capture. It’s time to increase the adoption of emerging technologies, such as the StappOne Smart Insoles, to monitor patient progress and make smarter health care decisions. Health care innovators can maximize progress and course correct as needed. Carrying the European Union CE mark, we intend to bring our insoles through the FDA approval process to verify its medical efficacy. 

This unique technology has patent protection

Orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, therapists, trainers

Population trends mean increasing opportunity

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Our technology provides the power of gathering of objective, real-time, seamless, professional gait data with state of art motion and pressure sensing insoles. We enable therapeutic professionals to efficiently analyze and better track the recovery progress through remote monitoring by accessing cloud databases. This remote access is especially important as several healthcare fields suffer from a shortage of workers. High end biofeedback data will improve health monitoring, rehabilitation progress, and open the possibilities to predictive healthcare opportunities across a variety of existing, and vexing, health challenges.

The transition to technological advances brings significant benefits. Digital data drives positive rehabilitative behavior as it motivates stricter adherence to plans and likely will drive expedited recovery times which improves outcomes while saving money. Medical professionals having access to continuously monitor results through intuitive software will turn data into actionable insights for patients to adapt recovery activities. As these data sets grow, we will improve in our efforts to precisely assess chronic disease levels, progression and treatment response to provide better life outcomes.

As people age, balance becomes an increasing challenge and smart insoles will document the progression and provide opportunities to slow, or improve, this condition through training techniques as regular physical activity delays the onset of motor disorders while reducing the risk of falls. 


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How can we help your organization better serve your patients or training staff to help their athletes pursue excellence in improving performance while decreasing injury risk?

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